ALBBOUNCE is an accredited RPII inspection body for bouncy castles, bouncy slides, inflatable slides, obstacle courses, fun runs , assault courses ,All other inflatables like ball pools, Gladiator Duels, Rock and Rolls, Bungee Runs, Rodeo Bulls, Its a knockout style inflatables and inflatable games etc still need testing as there being hired our for reward and they will become subject to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, This Act places a duty of care on everyone involved in the transaction.

Any land inflatable should be annually inspected by COMPETENT PERSON (as stated by HSE). Some annual inspections are referred to as RPII tests or PIPA tests, although the term “test” is slightly misleading. According to the Health and Safety at work act, BS EN 14960:2013, any inflatable that is used for play such as a bouncy castle or slide needs to be inspected annually. PIPA is an organisation providing a database of RPII inspectors and all UK inflatable units that have a PIPA tag.

The PIPA scheme covers all inflatables sold, hired and operated for commercial purposes. Inflatables for domestic use only are not covered by the scheme. Importantly, the PIPA scheme has the full backing of the HSE which was reaffirmed in 2013. The HSE was consulted at every stage during the PIPA scheme’s development and they are continued to be consulted on a regular and ongoing basis.

You can request a PIPA tag and certificate for a land inflatable unit that has been made to the EN14960 standard at any time. It will then be added to the PIPA register/database. The PIPA tag is only issued once and remains on the unit for the duration of its life. It is imperative if following the PIPA guidelines that a new PIPA cert is issued annually on the anniversary. We can provide the PIPA tag and certificate with a new unit for a small additional cost. Please note that the PIPA tag and certificate are in addition to conformity of manufacture to the EN14960, they are not a requirement for the standard.

The benefits of PIPA tags and certificates are that the inflatable unit and its details are recorded on a national database accessible to anyone by visiting www.pipa.org.uk. The certificate and tag will match the unique reference number so that the client can always check the compliance of the product in meeting the EN14960 standard. For insurance purposes we are informed that generally insurance companies only request an annual inspection. It is the responsibility of the individual hirer or centre to check whether their insurance policy requires a PIPA tag and certificate.

ALBBOUNCE highly recommends that ALL inflatables are inspected on an annual basis with or without the additional PIPA certificate But have to be only byCOMPETENT PERSON . A unit does not have to be new to have a PIPA tag but it must comply with the EN14960 standard.



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